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Lizz King

Lizz King (Elizabeth Katherine Heather King) was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 6th, 1980. She shuffled around the rural parts of Maryland for most of her youth and adolescence and eventually ended up in Shepherdstown, West Virginia as a college freshman. Her parents wouldn't let her stray very far, so they followed her there, where they bought a restaurant and enslaved her as a dishwasher/ waitress/prepcook/linecook for six arduous years. She escaped and fled back to Baltimore in the fall of 2004, where she took up nude modeling to earn some skratch.

In the middle of all that shifting, waxing, and waning she began composing little ditties to decorate her undulating emotional states. She usually sings about boys, culture, and theology. Her most recent ambitions are in agriculture, pop booty tunes, monogamy, and preparing for any and all possible beautiful/catastrophic natural or unnatural shifts in our collective conscious.

Booty Queen  

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